SHARIA’S COMING: Muslim workers are increasing their religious demands all over America!!!

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This is the very thing I warned of in my book, Stop the Islamization America — the islamization of the workplace. Read the chapter, “Mosqueing the Workplace” to better understand this de facto imposition of sharia in the West.

French Muslims, having begun to agitate for workplace accommodation to Islam in France the 1980s, led to the 2013 closure of this Peugeot and Citroën factory. The process began decades later in the USA but we can anticipate the very same result.

In addition to having installed a prayer room in the 1980s, the factory’s menus and schedule, with regards to Ramadan, prayer breaks, and religious holidays, were all adapted for the convenience of Muslim staff members.

Sound all too familiar? American companies started to do this very same thing over the past ten years and we have seen the explosion of Muslim lawsuits against American businesses because no matter how much they accommodate, and they invariably do, it’s never enough.

The Muslim flight attendant who refuses to serve alcohol to airline passengers. The Muslim who took Abercrombie and Fitch all the way to the Supreme Court because she wanted to wear the hijab despite their dress code. The Muslims who sued Star Transport trucking because they refused to do their job, transport alcohol.

Muslim lawsuits against Hertz, Wal-Mart, Target, Disney and a host of other American businesses for special rights, special accommodation have been largely successful creating a special rights for a special class of people — which is an accordance with Islam (in which Muslims are superior to the kuffar). But it goes against every American tenet of individual rights and separation of mosque and state).

Hertz has been exceedingly generous to their Muslim workers. And the Muslim response has been this endless war of litigation and attrition. Hertz provided prayer rooms, rugs and prayer break times. Not good enough. Back in 2011, I reported that Hertz had was forced to suspend 35 Muslim workers because they were abusing their extra special “prayer break times” and refusing to clock out when praying. There was no way of knowing when their Muslim workers returned from their lengthy prayer breaks — five times a day. Then Muslim workers officially filed a lawsuit against the Hertz rental car company for “islamophobia.” Needless to say, it’s still ongoing.

The pattern is always the same. Companies that accommodate Muslims learn the hard way that accommodation leads to more demands, more submission, more sharia.


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