95% Of Violent Conflicts Around The World Are Muslim!!!

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This may sound like propaganda because it sounds so far fetched.  It isn’t.  Check your own world almanac….

 Radical Islam has spread a scourge of violence around the globe that otherwise simply wouldn’t exist.  It is time for the West to put an end to this horror.  The first step is to destroy Iran as the world leader of Islamic violence.

As long as Iran threatens the world with nuclear Islamic fundamentalism there is simply no way to quash the continuing outbreak of Islamic violence worldwide.  The Western democracies should crush the atavistic and xenophobic leader of this retreat from civilization.

If Iran is convincingly neutralized, it’s possible that the rest of the radical Islamic movements will realize that the way to accomplish their aspirations is through peaceful coexistence.  Otherwise the monomaniacal dream of global Islamic domination will continue to destabilize the world until an apocalyptic result ensues.

The latest catastrophic, meaningless Islamic bloodletting is occurring in Kyrgyzstan.  The Russians want no part of it and won’t intervene.

By: Joseph Wouk

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