Muslim Attacks Christian Preacher in Broad Daylight – Watch What Happens Next! (VIDEO)

t doesn’t seem to matter how many times Islam is found to be responsible for violent attacks on innocent people — liberals continue to bleat that it is a religion of peace. Yet over and over again, there are terrorist attacks all around the country and every time, Islam is the cause. The latest example? A brutal attack on a Christian preacher.

The Christian is standing on the street, preaching the gospel, and that infuriates a Muslim who hears him. First, he tries to vocally counteract the man. But when that didn’t work, he physically attacked him:

Bizarrely, the Christian was the one charged with battery… not the Muslim. And of course, the media isn’t covering this particular attack. Meanwhile, Obama is bringing in thousands more Muslim refugees. Are we going to start seeing more innocent people attacked on the street like this?


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