Wow! Trump Gets Victory Over Obama As Federal Judge Abandons Illegal Immigration Invasion!

Whenever Obama wishes to criticize our nation, he does it overseas and gives a lecture to the world. While he was condemning Trump and licking up to Angela Merkel, his demands to Trump at home were falling apart.

Obama was trying to push through a grant of amnesty for aliens who illegally entered our nation.

He has now abandoned this plan and ordered the DOJ to file documents with a federal judge in Texas that asked for the case to be suspended until new management – as in Trump’s administration – takes over.

A joint request by the Justice Department and Texas state attorneys suggested to Judge Andrew S. Hanen:

“Accordingly, the parties respectfully submit that further proceedings on the merits of this case, including the submission of a schedule for resolving the merits, should be stayed until February 20, 2017.”

“Given the change in Administration, the parties jointly submit that a brief stay of any further litigation in this Court before beginning any further proceedings would serve judicial efficiency and economy so that the parties have a better understanding of how they might choose to move forward.”

What are your thoughts on this?


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