LISTEN: Audio Of Trump’s Pilot Talking To Canadian Bound Celebrities On Board Plane Goes VIRAL [VIDEO]

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We’ve all heard scumbag liberal celebrities say that they’ll move to Canada if Trump wins the presidency and, well folks – HE WON! NOW PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

Of course, basically every fool that promised to leave have reversed their stand and have decided to remain in America.

But, for those of them that will keep their promise, Trump Airlines has flights ready to roll to fly these demented Hillary loving scumbags to Canada!

Actually, this is a satirical video from Sean Hannity but it it FANTASTIC!

Check it out!

PILOT- “Uh, ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard Flight 1600 with non-stop service to Canada.”

“We’d like to welcome all of our celebrity defectors, and uh, we’ll get you out of America just as soon as the tower clears us for takeoff.”

“Now, once we reach our cruising altitude flight attendants will pass through the cabin collecting your U.S. citizenship renunciation forms and serving complimentary beverages and handing out disposable crying towels.”

“Once we reach the drop zone, you’ll be guided to the exit ramp in the rear of the plane where you’ll take a crash course on parachute folding and be jettisoned shortly thereafter.”

“We’d like to thank you for choosing Trump Airlines and hope you have a soft landing. Buh-bye.”


Check it out!

YouTube video courtesy of The Sean Hannity Show

Unfortunately, this is just satire but it was funny as hell!

We hope you enjoyed this!

Let us know what you think about liberals going to Canada in the comments below!

God bless. 



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