HILLARY IS GIVING UP! Look Where Reporters Caught Her This Morning…

Whew! It has been a rough week and another New FBI Investigation. Hillary Clinton was spotted campaigning at a Miami bar. She was caught doing it on a mid-morning on Sunday.

*** That’s jus sad. Isn’t it!?

There aren’t really any people there, but there is a ton of booze.

Damn. Her campaign is tanking itself, and by tanking itself – I mean – Hillary is getting tanked right now.

This is huge. Twitter users were commenting a ton on it.

Hillary Clinton can’t be there for the people because there is nobody there. She is there to get a drink because her campaign must be wrapping up after the devastating hit by the FBI.

*** Share this everywhere!! We need to make America great again. Hillary just wants to drink again.

Are you voting Trump!?!? Sound off in the comments below, patriots! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)


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