Donald Trump Just Shut Down NBC Reporter with 1 AWESOME Sentence!

Donald Trump is on FIRE this week. First he shut down all of Hillary’s sex assault lies, then he DEVASTATED her in the final presidential debate, and now he shut down an NBC “reporter” in the best way ever.

The interview started out normal enough. Sure, she was trying to grill him with regular gotcha questions, and he was responding beautifully.

Then it got dirty. The reporter, Colleen Marshall, asked Donald Trump how he felt about allegations of him being a racist and a sexist. At first, Donald started to walk away, then he stopped and said,


Boom! Shut the door, drop the microphone. Trump just shut her up instantly. He then turned and walked away, he did have a big speech to make after all.

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I’d be willin’ to bet that every Trump supporter in America is gonna get a real kick outta this. That’s why I say we should share this to everyone we know so they can all see Trump take down the lying mainstream media!


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