URGENT: FBI Director Comey Just Broke! What He Just Said About ISIS Proves Trump is Right…

Guys, ISIS is way worse than we ever could have imagined. I mean, sure, we knew it was bad, but what FBI Director James Comey just revealed proves that they are LITERALLY at our front door!

**On Tuesday, Comey testified before Congress that in the next two to five years a massive ‘terrorist diaspora’ will happen.

That means that all of ISIS will be leaving Iraq and Syria and moving to the United States!!!


Comey believes that even IF ISIS is destroyed in the next 2-5 years, many of the terrorists who originated in Western countries and moved to Syria will return to their countries and start local terrorist cells.

This all came up during a meeting where Comey was supposed to be reporting on the status of Domestic terrorism in the 15 years since 9/11. (H/T – Daily Mail)

The hearing also brought into question why known terrorists such as the Orlando shooter and New York bomber were both screened by the FBI on multiple occasions but never added to the terror watchlist.


Of course, Comey was full of excuses, saying that the accusing senators had their “facts wrong” and they FBI did everything they could.

I, for one, am tired of excuses. I am tired of watching Americans die at the hand of Muslim extremists, and I am tired of seeing the US government cover up for them.

We gotta expose this HUGE story before the Saudi Royals tell the media to bury it so they can continue their terror routine on the US!


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