BREAKING: Michelle Obama Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL on Hillary Clinton that Trump LOVES!

Didn’t anyone tell Michelle Obama that her speech today was supposed to be ENDORSING Hillary Clinton? HAHAHA! I guess not…

She went to a rally today at La Salle University in Philadelphia with the purpose of recruiting young voters. Her message was…er…mixed at best.

“Remember it’s not about voting for the perfect candidate, there is no such person.”

Oh really Michelle? That is the best you have. Well, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you are not a big fan of Killery.

***Actually, hell, let’s just ask 2008 Michelle Obama what she REALLY thinks about Hillary Clinton as President:

Well said, Michelle! I completely agree with you. Hillary Clinton has no business in the White House.

Now Donald Trump on the other hand, he is a true family man. He takes a lot of pride in keeping his own house in order and his children are proof. (H/T – Daily Mail)

I mean, do you really want a wacko like the Clintons as first family again, or would you rather have these guys?160504160857-03-donald-trump-0504-large-169

Yeah, me too. So let’s help Michelle Obama spread her real feelings about Hillary Clinton so that Donald Trump can win by a LANDSLIDE this fall.

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