HERMAN CAIN TO THE RESCUE! He Just Exposed Hillary’s Sick Plan to ROB AMERICA BLIND!!!

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Herman Cain just blew the Democrat’s secret plan to Rob Americans using Obamacare Sky High!

Haven’t you ever wondered how Democrats were planning on using Obamacare to make themselves richer?

Well, Herman Cain just figured out their entire plan thanks to Mylan Pharmaceutical’s 600% increase on the price of life-saving EpiPens.

It turns out that the CEO of Mylan is Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter, Heather Bausch. Mrs. Bausch gave herself a 500% raise the same day she raised the price of EpiPens.

“(T)he truly uncomfortable truth for Democrats is that the EpiPen price spike is not so much the product of ‘greed’ as it is the product of one company having a monopoly. And that the direct result of the Democrat-controlled Food and Drug Administration’s persistent refusal to allow anyone to compete with Mylan in the sale of Epi-Pen.” CainTV Editor Dan Calabrese wrote.

There you go! Democrats are using ObamaCare combined with the FDA to give special priveledges to their own companies and create “legal” monopolies. (H/T –Conservative Tribune)

Now they have full power to name any price they want with ZERO restraints.

ObamaCare is not going to help anyone. Sure, the whole “everyone can get covered now” part is great, but the rest is total sheet!

Help Herman Cain expose this sick plan before it is too late. We gotta SHARE this to every deep, dark corner of the Internet.


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