If you see this bug in your house, call a professional service immediately! Do not try to kill it…

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You definitely should not ignore this article. It is extremely serious and dangerous.

 Take look at the picture below, and look well the bug. It is called “bug – killer” and this insect is the most dangerous bug in the world.

If you see this bug in your house, call a professional service immediately! Do not try to kill it…


All of you should be aware that this bug transmits a dangerous disease called American Tripanosamiasis. This disease is deadly to humans, but also for animals.

 In some countries this bug is known as “Chagas’, and the people of Texas have experienced the hard way its consequences. It is frightening that these bugs transmit the diseases with bite as they feed on the blood of humans or animals. To be more precise, with their bite they leave part of saliva, which is extremely dangerous to humans.

Another shocking fact is that Chagas is a silent killer and most people are not even aware that they are infected until the advanced stages. So, when it starts to be visible, the infection is already at an advanced stage.

The symptoms that occur are: islands of the eyelids and anaphylactic shock. In some cases it can cause choking, and in most extreme cases even death. Still, the first symptoms may appear as if you get the flu, and later those symptoms became more serious and painful.

So, in case if you notice any of symptoms that are mentioned above, you should contact your doctor immediately and seek help. Do not waste your time!!!

Note: These bugs usually are found under rocks, in crevices in the walls, under porches, stairs, forests and generally everywhere in nature.


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