Supermom Firefighter Saves Falling Baby From Burning Building In Georgia

A baby dropped out of the window of a burning building was caught midair by a Georgia firefighter.

The heroic act was caught on video as Captain Jackie Peckrul of the DeKalb County firehouse responded to the blaze on January 3. (scroll down for video)

“You immediately saw the flames and you could hear their screams,” said Jackie.

Acting immediately, the mother-of-three quickly began climbing the ladder to the third-floor balcony, but halfway up, she saw a small bundle wrapped in a blue blanket suddenly falling out of a window.

“That was the only thing running through my mind…’Lord, let me catch this baby,” recalled Jackie.

Acting with incredible instinct, she immediately let go of the ladder’s rung to reach out and catch the baby.

“I think they thought I was expecting it,” she added, referencing the parent that let the baby fall.

Once the baby was safe, it was right back in with her colleagues to save the rest of the family, which turned out to be a group of 12—including 8 children.

There were some serious injuries but the majority were only minor, reports WSB.

The father, Lance Ragland, who dropped the baby out of the window, suffered second-degree burns.

“From my end,”said Ragland, “I’m looking at a checklist, I couldn’t see what everybody else was doing. At the bottom, [it’s a] whole other world going on because they’re catching the rush that I’m sending down and I’m not giving no space.”

Now displaced without a home, the family is staying with relatives.

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