This Video Of A Disabled Toddler Trying To Shake Trump’s Hand And Getting Ignored Will Break Your Heart

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Once, it would have been a national fury and a dramatic scandal to the Oval Office if the President of the United States explicitly rejected to shake the hand of a disabled child.

Only a few days ago, the President gathered a many people willing to be political props, calling them the “victims of Obamacare” at the White House while he made a unclear, rambling pitch for its repeal that was entirely devoid of any discussion of policy or the catastrophic effects that repeal would have.

When he wasnover, he turned to shake the hands of those behind him – except for one child, who happened to be in a wheelchair.

President Trump’s utter contempt for the disabled is well-documented at this point. One of his most widely criticized decisions of the election was his crude imitation and mocking of a disabled reporter who had the nerve to write something critical of the Donald.

While this is far from the most horrific thing Trump has done this week – like openly condoning police brutality and appointing a military general to be his chief of staff.

This is an analysis from the point of view of a liberal person; however, other people claim that that Trump didn’t see the the kid for this reason he didn’t shake hands with him.

What about you what do you think about the video, please comment your ideas.

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