Seconds from DISASTER: North Korea missile roars past Air France JET in alarming near-miss

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A recent missile launch by North Korea came within seconds of taking down a commercial passenger jet which could have ultimately sparked World War III.

More than 300 people were on board the Air France flight from Tokyo to Paris as the missile roared past before disintegrating into the sea off Japan’s coast.

The Pentagon confirmed the near-miss and condemned North Korea’s “uncoordinated” nature of missile tests for putting hundreds of lives in danger.

Captain Jeff Davis a Pentagon spokesman said: “This missile flew through busy airspace used by commercial airliners.“It flew into space. It landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and an area that’s used by commercial and fishing vessels. All of this completely uncoordinated.”

The Express reports: A US official has revealed the passenger jet had flown past the area where the missile exploded into the sea less than 10 minutes before.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said: “This missile flew through busy airspace used by commercial airliners.

“It flew into space. It landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and an area that’s used by commercial and fishing vessels. All of this completely uncoordinated.

“The airliner itself said they would analyse the situation but said North Korea’s missile test zones generally “don’t interfere in any way with Air France’s flight paths”.

Images depict how tensions have escalated between North Korea and the United States. Kim Jong-Un boasted of North Korea’s ability to strike any target in the US after a second ICBM test that weapons experts said on July 29 could even bring New York into range – in a potent challenge to President Donald Trump.

The statement continued: “Moreover, in cooperation with the authorities, Air France constantly analyses potentially dangerous flyover zones and adapts its flight plans accordingly.”

The terrifying revelation comes after a North Korea watchdog claimed it was now possible for Kim to bomb the US mainland.

Last month’s missile launch, which saw the Hwasong-14 explosive fired more than 600 miles towards Japan’s economic exclusion zone, displayed a growing level of military sophistication from Kim Jong-un’s engineers.

Washington-based 38 North said if the state’s scientists can find a way to create a bomb weighing less than one tonne the heavily-populated West Coast of America could be targeted.

38 North expert Michael Elleman warned: “No one outside of North Korea knows the precise status of its nuclear-bomb making capabilities.

“However, it is reasonable to assume North Korea can construct a bomb that weighs less than one-metric ton, with a diameter of less than one metre.”This could be easily carried by the Hwasong-14, though to reach the US mainland, a lighter-weight bomb may be required.”

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