Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Unleashed a BOMBSHELL on Fake News Media [VIDEO]

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning and she immediately shut George Stephanopoulos when he tried to ask about why she always dismisses any news about Russia and President Trumpe.

As usual, Huckabee Sanders unleashed a truth bomb on the liberal journalist for lying to the American people and not reporting on what the public wants to hear about.

Stephanopoulos asks what Sanders thinks about President Trump’s frustration with the media reporting on Russia and her answer is PERFECT.

Watch: VIDEO

“…I think he’s mostly frustrated with the process. Look, there was a Wall Street Journal Poll that came out this week that showed the top three issues that Americans care about are immigration, health care and jobs. The top three issues that the media cares about are Russia, Russia and Russia. There is 15 times more coverage on Russia than on the three big issues that Americans care about. That’s a problem. That’s exactly the definition of Russia Fever. I think that’s why people are so frustrated with Washington and one of the reasons that Donald Trump became President in the first place – because you have that just complete opposite idea of what Americans care about. Donald Trump tapped into that. He’s been able and willing to talk about it. And he’s had a lot of success in those areas over the first six months of his office.”

Sarah Huckabee just GETS IT. She understands what the American people want to hear about from their media and she just DRILLS it into the heads of these liberal outlets that cannot stop talking about RUSSIA! It’s been SIX months of non-stop Russia Fever and real Americans are worried about immigration, health care and jobs.

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