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A decade ago, grieving father Mario Lombardo had suffered the loss of his daughter. Rosalio Lombardo, 2, had suffered from pneumonia in the year of 1920. To keep her memory of her alive and intact, Mario Lombardo had contacted a local embalmer named Alfredo Salafia. He made a simple request – preserve her body. A century later, Rosalio Lombardo is still intact in perfect condition. Buried in the Capuchin Catacombs, Rosalio rests in Sicily, Italy. She is one of eight thousand in the catacombs of Capuchin.

Rosalio’s life was short lived – not much is known or reported about her. However, she is so well preserved that she is constantly noticed from everyone. She lies with a coffin in eight thousand other mummies yet stands out. Why? She is known as the “Sleeping Beauty” from people who visit the catacombs. Wrapped in a soft blanket, only showing her head, Rosalio has a bow on the top of her head and looks as innocent as the day she was born. Although she has been there for a hundred years, people consistently say that she seems to be blinking.

However, there may be some insight given to this. Expert Dario Piombino-Mascali thinks he might have an answer. First, he explains how the body was preserved. After finding a hand written note from the embalmer, Salafia used: “One part glycerin, one part formalin saturated with both zinc sulfate and chloride, and one part of an alcohol solution saturated with salicylic acid, “were the ingredients used. As for the blinking, Dario Pimobino-Mascali claimed that the blinking was part of an ‘optical illusion.’ He claims “[.] produced by the light that filters through the side windows, which during the day is subject to change” for the reason there is blinking.

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Some, however, may disagree. There have been theories and constant discussions about this – but what do you think? Is this part of an optical illusion? Is her spirit still preserved in there with her? Has she been alive all these years? Comment and share what you think – every comment is considered.


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