US State Sides With Sharia Law? Is This Acceptable In America?

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The United States used to be known as a melting pot, a place where people came from countries all over the world and joined together into one great, new society.

In recent years, political correctness and multiculturalism have eliminated the melting pot analogy.

Some people argue that it needed to be eliminated because when immigrants move to the United States they do not simply leave behind all that they were and believed in their native land.

To some degree that is true.

But we should be able to expect immigrants to obey the nation’s laws.

According to US News & World Report, one state’s governor does not seem to agree.

Montana’s governor has vetoed a bill that would have ensured that State law would trump any other laws in the State’s courts.

The AP reported that Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed the bill arguing that it would upend our legal system and debase what we stand for as Montanans and Americans.”

The bill would have banned Sharia and other foreign laws from being used in Montana courts.”

Opponents of the bill argued that it targeted Muslims and Sharia law even though Sharia law was not specifically named in the bill.

Bullock called the bill an endorsement for anti-Muslim sentiments and activity.”

He argued that Montana and US law already cover legal issues and that this bill would have harmed rather than added anything to the Montana legal system.

State Senator Keith Regier disagreed with Bullock stat that he does not see how affirming our Constitution does that.” 

He argued that the measure supported US and Montana law, which some Republican lawmakers say is under assault.”

Despite the bill simply calling for Montana and US laws to reign supreme, Bullock continued arguing thatit cannot be seriously denied that the bill is drawn from ‘Sharia law bans’ that have been tried in other states. The intent of these bills is to target a particular religion and group of people for disfavored treatment.”

Bullock has this all wrong.

The intent of laws like this one is to ensure that we are all treated equally under the law.

It is to ensure that regardless of nation of origin or religion, we all live under one set of State and Federal laws.


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