Muslim Students Swindle US Taxpayers — Get ‘Free Service’ NOT Offered To Americans!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the insane images and stories of left-wing students protesting at various universities in recent years.

These entitled, and quite frankly “privileged” students usually come from wealthy and/or minority backgrounds, and they use that fact to their advantage when making demands of college administrators.

The most privileged of any campus groups is undoubtedly Muslims.

They use any supposed slight or criticism of their religion or beliefs as a sign that they’re mistreated and victims of intolerance. This extends beyond the campus and into everyday life as well.

But on the college campus, being a Muslim certainly has its perks.

As reported at Mad World News, the latest example of Muslim privilege can be seen at Luther College in Minnesota, where a group of “Concerned Students” have issued demands to the university.

In an open letter published by the Luther College Chips student newspaper last week, the ridiculously named “Concerned Students of the Luther College Community Action Plans to Uphold the Luther College Mission Statement” lists 19 actions that its members believe will “maximize the well-being of all students.”

This list of demands is broken up into four categories and includes many of the demands commonly made by leftist students at other schools in recent years.

Things like gender-neutral restrooms, hiring more faculty and staff of color,” and establishing a comprehensive racial and ethnic awareness and inclusion curriculum.”

However, there are a few uniquely deluded requests as well. Establish and fund a bi-monthly shuttle service for students to visit the Masjed Abubakr Al-Siddiq in Rochester, MN, free of charge,” is one such request, referring to a mosque that is located an hour and a half away from campus.

Create and enforce a comprehensive racial and ethnic awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units,” another item on the list demands, adding that the mandatory curriculum must be vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board which includes students, staff, and faculty of color.”

The list goes on and on, sounding much like the ravings you might hear in a nuthouse.

It’s hard to believe how detached from reality these morons are.

Any student that’s a part of this group should be black-listed from future work, as it’s clear they can’t survive in the real world without causing massive headaches for everyone they come in contact with.

These special snowflakes are so narcissistic, so used to getting their way that they would demand the ungodly amounts of money kids pay to go to college to be used for their special privileges.

Yet they’d be the first to call out a white male in one of their classes for supposedly being the most privileged person of all.

This insanity has to stop.

There’s nothing keeping these administrators from simply saying no. They’d be wise to not invite more of this behavior by giving into their childish demands.

They should also reemphasize that college is a place for higher education, not a daycare.


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