Heartbreaking First Words Of Josef Fritzl’s Daughter Revealed

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Elisabeth Fritzl’s heart-breaking first words after being rescued by police were ‘no one will believe me’, it’s been revealed.

Willibald Reitnerr, who led the investigation which found Elisabeth, said that she remained silent after she was freed from the cellar where she had spent 24 years.

However, after reassurances from police that she was the victim of an horrendous crime, Reinerr said she told him: “If I tell this exactly how it all happened, no one will ever believe me.”

 Reitnerr made the revelations in an interview for a new documentary on Channel 5, Fritzl: What Happened Next, which airs at 10pm on Friday.

He said: “Then Elisabeth put down some conditions, she didn’t want to see him again – she meant Fritzl. She never spoke about Fritzl, or her father, she always referred to Fritzl as ‘him’.

“And she was really afraid that no one would believe her, and that everyone would only believe the father.”

 Fritzl, 82, was given a life sentence for imprisoning his daughter, Elizabeth, for 24 years and raping her over 3000 times.

Journalist Mark Perry, who first broke the news of the shocking case, told the documentary makers: “Fritzl is still in prison of course, and he still dreams of coming free.

“That’s what the solicitor told me. He still thinks he’ll come free one day, go fishing and, and carry on with life.”

The sickening crimes came to light after Fritzl took Elisabeth’s daughter, Kerstin, who he had incestuously fathered, to hospital.

The 19-year-old was one of seven children he fathered with Elisabeth during her ordeal, one of whom, died shortly after birth.

Three of the children lived with him and his wife, Rosemarie, who had been unaware of what was happening below their house.

Fritzl lied and told his wife their daughter had run off to join a cult, leaving her three little ones behind.

The other three remained in the cellar with Elisabeth.

He added: “His eyes were cold and piercing. No remorse, no compassion, for anyone on earth but himself. No tears. Nothing.

“It was normal procedure. Just like he was going to the doctors or somewhere else…

“No remorse – no compassion for his daughter.

“No compassion for his grandchildren who are of course, his own children.”

The cellar has since been filled with 200 tons of concrete after the Austrian house became a morbid tourist attraction.


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