Assange To CNN: You Have 48 Hour Until WikiLeaks Destroys You With Bombshell Leak

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2016 was a great year in political aspect – Trump won the election, Hillary and the lying Democrats are off the House. But 2017 is gonna be even better according to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. They did so much in 2016-exposed Clinton’s corruption and maybe they were the main reason that Hillary didn’t win.

The election is over now, but WikiLeaks and their fight for justice is far away from that. Their first target for 2017 is CNN. The mainstream Clinton based media is about to get sued by the WikiLeaks.

They are tired of the disgusting behavior of the mainstream media and they threatening to sue CNN now for their inflammatory remarks.

YES! WikiLeaks has issued a 48 hour warning to CNN and if they don’t retract all the fake news and inflammatory statements and videos, they will take the mega media corporation to court and sue them for defamation.

CNN apologized to him, but they thought that an apology would be enough? BIG NO!

WikiLeaks also argued that they will expose CNN outside of the courtroom, too, if they continue to play these games.

They’ve put CNN on notice and they have 48 hours to air a one hour special confessing to their lies or they are in big trouble.


WikiLeaks just can’t stop! They really deserve a big “Thank You” from all of us, because they are fighting the corruption, something that our officials can’t or are afraid to do!


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