WATCH: Donald Trump Sends Urgent Message to American People!

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Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to connect with people. Not just republicans. Trump is revered by many democrats or was before he got into politics. Even the most strident Bernie Sanders supporters, guys like Mike Moore and Bill Maher, begrudgingly admit he is right on the major issues.

 What’s more, they also concede Trump has a unique historical opportunity to do great things. He is independent. He is wealthy so he can’t be bribed with job offers and speaker gigs when after office.

He has an open mind and listens to all sides of an argument before deciding the course of action. He likes to be challenged: by the media, by his advisers, even by the democrats. Such is his belief in America, the American people. And himself.

He knows, and honest polls show that the nation is not really divided on the key issues like trade, jobs, immigration, ISIS, and infrastructure spending. Oh yeah, he also wants to try, something every president has done since Reagan, to finally end the vestiges of the cold war with Russia.

Trump threatens everything the “new world order” holds dear, everything they have built over the last 40 years, he threatens their destructive “open border open trade” future they insist on cramming down the throats of voters who’ve rejected that notion.

We finally have a voice, a true champion among the powerful and it is terrifying the established order. You can debate the intentions of the establishment – some may really believe open trade and open borders are good things, some certainly did it for the money – but you can’t debate the results.

 We developed a world-wide middle class which is a good thing but not on the backs of our middle class. It would have been so easy to protect the American worker while we helped other countries develop a middle class that will (as ours does) anchor their freedom and prosperity.

That is why we are cynical and believe they just did it for the money. It would have been so easy…  Trump was elected to do this.  To get the American worker a better deal. Whether that is from drug companies or trading partners – Trump was elected to change these deals to our benefit or get rid of them altogether if the political order fights back.

But he can only do that with our help. Which is the reason he posted this short video. The easy part was electing him. The hard part will be making the changes. He will be alone in Washington so he needs our help to get it done.


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